Women and Psychology: Looking Forward

women in psychology fields careersSome of you may wonder what the status is of women in Psychology. Now more than ever there is a increasing presence of women within Psychology and Psychology-related career paths. Data from 2010 indicated that 75% of Bachelor's degrees in Psychology were awarded to women; a 30% bump. This increase has been attributed to (1) more women being enrolled on college campuses and (2) women may be drawn to the field (at least for clinical areas) because they view themselves as more empathic than men. As far as advanced degrees in Psychology, APA found that 70% of all PhDs in Psychology were awarded to women in 2008. However, as discussed in this article women have been awarded the majority of PhDs in most sub-areas of the field, but not all (e.g., Cognitive Psychology). Also, it will take some time before women in academics at the Associate and Full Professor level surpass men--it is only a matter of time. With all of the above in mind, the future looks bright for women who choose to pursue a Psychology degree.