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3 Skills Sets To Help Your Job Appeal

In an world becoming increasingly dependent upon data and technology, employers are constantly seeking workers with related skills. skills. So how can you start becoming more marketable by picking up... Read more

4 Critical Questions to Ask When Choosin…

There are four critical questions that a you need to answer when choosing a PhD program: Are you OK living where a school is located? I know this sounds petty, but you... Read more

How Important are Mental Components of S…

From "choking" to cheating on exercise, sports psychologists can help. If you have ever been a victim to that terrible, seemingly paradoxical state of mind where thinking too much actually causes... Read more

Choosing Between a PhD and PsyD: Some Fa…

There are a number of websites that describe the distinction between a PhD and PsyD. For brevity let's just be clear that: 1) A PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy whereas... Read more

Sports Psychology: Mind And Body

Sports psychology emphasizes the mind and body for athletic success. Over the years I keep getting an increasing number of students who ask me about becoming a sports psychologist. Students understand... Read more

Psych Majors as Medical Professionals? Y…

These professional degrees in medicine are good fits for many psychology majors. Not even a year has passed since the first set of aspiring doctors sat down to take a new... Read more

Women and Psychology: Looking Forward

Some of you may wonder what the status is of women in Psychology. Now more than ever there is a increasing presence of women within Psychology and Psychology-related career paths... Read more

The Secret Weapon of Political Campaigns

The role of the political psychologists hired to work for political campaigns is to determine public perception of the candidate for which they work, and how to turn this perception... Read more

Careers in Industrial/Organizational Psy…

I/O Psychology can be defined as the psychology of where people work. This leads to many I/O Psychologists to apply their research knowledge for companies, all levels of government, labor... Read more

Volunteering Can Help Your Career Goals

We are struck by how many of the most successful people I know in Psychology have done volunteer (community service) work. This volunteering is quite varied and includes disaster relief... Read more

Research Participation Can Improve Your …

One way to improve your career opportunities in Psychology is to get involved in research. This shouldn’t be too hard if you are a college student because you have relatively... Read more

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