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Tough Question: PhD or PsyD

PhD vs. PsyD in Clinical Psychology So you are thinking about getting a doctorate in Clinical Pschology. A big question you will have to answer is whether to get a PhD... Read more

Steps to a Mental-Health Career

Planning for a Career in Mental Health So you have or plan to have a BA or BS in Psychology (or a related field) and you want to have a career in mental health... Read more

Sports Psychology and Success

The Problem of Thinking Too Much Most of you have had the experience when thinking too much led to anxiety and poor performance. In sports this experience is often called "choking... Read more

Plan for a Career in Experimental Psych

A Career in Experimental Psychology--Importance of Planning If your career path involves a Master's or PhD in Experimental Psychology, there are a number of things you can do to help move... Read more

Marketing Yourself--Stand Out in a Crowd

Stand out! You are probably pretty clear on a big dilemma you face when you want to get a job or get into graduate/professional school--there is always competition. Thus, many others... Read more

Get Involved in Research

A great move you can make to improve your career opportunities in Psychology is to get involved in research. If you are a college student this is pretty painless because there... Read more

The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering Can Help Your Career It is interesting to note that many successful people in psychology have done volunteer (community service) work. Volunteering covers a vast number of activities, including working... Read more

Tips for a Career in Experimental Psych

A Career in Experimental Psychology If you are interested in a career in Experimental Psychologist, there are a lot of things you need to think about. Some of these are related... Read more

The GRE: Part 3-Taking it

Taking the GRE In taking the GRE, it is important to know that in 2011 the GRE was revised from paper and pencil to online. In addition, the the online version... Read more

Use Your Psych Degree to be in Medicine

Use Your Psychology Degree to be in Medicine If you have a Psychology degree, you might consider a medical career with an advanced degree. Here are the careers you might pursue: 1) Nursing A... Read more

From Psychology Degree to a Law Degree

Psychology Degree --> Law Degree Many people view psychology and law as two very separate areas of study. However, they are both interested in human behavior. While Psychology seeks to understand... Read more

The GRE: Part 2-Preparation

Preparing for the GRE There are multiple questions concerning GRE preparation: 1) How prepared are you for the different sections of the GRE? You might be in good shape as you begin... Read more

Tips for a Psychology-Related Career

Looking For a Career in Psychology--Preparation is the Key! Sadly, I see a lot of Psychology majors (often in their junior and senior years) totally unprepared for a career after college... Read more

From Psych Degree to Forensics Career

Psychology Degree --> Forensic Career It is important for you to know that all is not lost if you do not want to get an advanced degree and still have a... Read more

Questions When Choosing a PhD Program in…

Questions to Ask: PhD in Clinical Psychology If you are planning to apply to a PhD programs in Psychology, you should know that these are located in what are called "Research... Read more

Direct Care Work in Mental Health

Careers in Direct Care Work in Mental Health If you are thinking about a career in mental health, you might check out being a Direct Care Worker. First off, a Direct Care... Read more

Starting a Career in Forensic Psych

Forensic Psychology as a Career Every year it seems that there is more interest in forensic psychology (i.e., applying the science and profession of psychology to law and the legal system)... Read more

You Can be a Litigation Consultant

Be a Litigation Consultant With your Psychology degree you might decide to take a career path to be a Litigation Consultant (also known as a jury consultant or trial consultant). Litigation... Read more

Pursuing a Path to a Psychology-Related …

A Path to a Psychology Career How can you turn your dream for a career involving Psychology into reality. We feel that, given today’s changing world, those with an interest in Psychology... Read more

Tips for Applying to Clinical PhD Progra…

Tips for Applying to PhD Programs in Clinical Psychology If you are thinking about applying to a Clinical PhD program, there are a lot of things you must consider. One issue... Read more

Medical Careers following a Psych Degree

Psychology Degree --> Medical Career It took a while, but now Western medicine acknowledges the mind-body relationship in the treatment and prevention of disease. As a result, the medical community has... Read more

Working with the Elderly-Gerontology

A Career in Gerontology You may be interested in a career where you will work with the elderly. One path you can take in this regard is to study Gerontology. This... Read more

Careers for Women in Psychology

Women & Psychology Careers Over the years the field of Psychology has changed a great deal with regard to gender. If you go back 40-45 yers you can see clearly the... Read more

Picking a Major for Medical School

Best Major for Medical School? If you areconsidering medical school, a big question you may have is what should you major in? The answer is that today, with respect to admission to... Read more

A Career in Art Therapy

A Career in Art Therapy A number of students are interested in a career in Art Therapy (also called creative arts therapy or expressive arts therapy). Art therapy is different than... Read more

Careers in Industrial/Organizational Psy…

Careers in I/O Psychology Have you ever considerec a career in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology? To begin, I/O Psycology concerns the psychology of where people work. This kind of career leads these... Read more

Psychology Majors and Tech Start-Ups

Psychology & Career Start-Ups Here's an interesting example of a Psychology major from Xavier University, Katie Keller,who had planned to earn a graduate degree in industrial and organizational (IO) psychology in... Read more

Sports Psych-Integrating Mind & Body

Our Society Loves Sports This love has led to the continued interest in Sports Psychology. This field addresses the interaction between psychology and sport performance. It includes working with athletes to optimize... Read more

3 Skills Sets To Help Your Job Appeal

Skill Sets to Help Move Your Career Forward Perhaps like many of today's students and career seekers, I (Anne) was unsure of the exact career path I wanted to take. In college, I... Read more

Clinical Psych--Master's vs. Doctorate

Clinical Psychology: Master's vs. PhD If you are thinking about a career in clinical psychology, you are in store for a lot of decisions. One big one is is to get... Read more

Psychology Political Campaigns

Politics & Psychology With tpolitics all around us, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at psychology’s influence in elections, by exploring the role of political psychology. Political psychologists study... Read more

Making Money with a Psychology Degree

Making Money in a Psychology Career Will having a Bachelor's degree lead to financial struggle? The simple answer is "no". A lot of the reason for this answer is that as a... Read more

Minorities in Psychology-Related Careers

Minorities in Psychology Careers In writing about minorities and careers in Psychology, there are two interesting points to make. First, surprisingly the Internet does not have a lot of sites devoted... Read more

The GRE: Part 1--What is It?

What is the GRE? Often, people are really enthusiastic about pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology. Then they realize that applying to graduate school  almost always involves taking the GRE (Graduate... Read more

Consider a Career in Genetic Counseling

Master's degree in Genetic Counseling There are many mental health degrees that involve getting a Master’s degree. One interesting option is that a Genetic Counselor. A Genetic counselor is trained to interpret... Read more

Careers in Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology as a Career If you are interested in a career in mental health, a career that might be a perfect fit for you is Counseling Psychology. In general, Counselors focus... Read more

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