Research Participation Can Improve Your Career Opportunities

research psychology careerOne way to improve your career opportunities in Psychology is to get involved in research. This shouldn’t be too hard if you are a college student because you have relatively easy access to research labs. Also, in college faculty and undergraduate student research on campus go hand-in-hand. If you are not currently in college, don’t get discouraged because researchers may prefer having a non-student work in their lab. Let me add that your research experience does not have to be in the exact area of psychology as that which you hope to be involved in graduate school, professional school or in a job. The key is gaining experience and showing very clearly that you are motivated to be involved in Psychology. Some of the advantages of gaining research experience include (a) the chance to be part of exciting discoveries, (b) your experience in the lab will put you a step ahead of others in terms of career and academic preparedness, (c) working directly with a researcher will help build a professional network for your field of interest, (d) your research may lead to having your name on a conference presentation or journal publication, and (e) working with a researcher will almost always lead to a letter of recommendation from your mentor.