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IMG 0662 PixaPawsScoutiescareersinpsych.org began in 2015, when Dr. Golding was just marking over thirty years of mentoring undergraduate psychology students at the University of Kentucky. While advising students, he realized the possibilities for psychology majors had grown tremendously since his undergraduate years and it was becoming more difficult to comprehensively discuss career possibilities with students in single advising sessions. For help, he turned to the internet, looking for a web site that psychology majors or anyone interested in psychology related fields could browse to assist in their career plans. However, Dr. Golding found that expertly written, comprehensive, web-based content was scarce. Frustrated with the lack of internet sources, Dr. Golding turned to his postdoc at the time, Dr. Lippert, who had experience in computer programming and website design. Together, they began scoutiescareersinpsych.org and began writing content for over twenty categories of psychology related careers. As you read this, they continue to add content to their site to give you clear, comprehensive, and expertly written information to use in your career exploration.

Some ask why the site is called scoutiescareersinpych rather than goldingscareersinpsych or annescareersinpsych. The site is named for Dr Lippert's beloved 14-year-old golden retriever, named Scout and affectionately called Scoutie who passed away in March of 2017. Fiercely loyal, warm, intelligent, ever-persistant, Scoutie embodies many of the traits scoutiescareersinpsych reflects. One of Scoutie's greatest traits was his ability to find things that his owners believed to be forever lost. House keys in the woods, an ipod in the soccer field, a favorite tennis ball at the bottom of the lake- and more- Scoutie would, true to his name "Scout" these things out and hold them in his mouth as though it was no big deal. This site is meant to be a Scout of sorts and help you find your career treasures. Any career is within your reach, you just need reliable and relevant information to get started.

Bio Stuff

jonathan golding

Dr. Jonathan Golding

Professor of Psychology

University of Kentucky

Jonathan M. Golding was born in Philadelphia, PA. He attended Temple University as an undergraduate (BA, 1981), received his MA (1983) and Ph.D. from the University of Denver (1986), and then completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Memphis State University (1986-1988). Dr. Golding joined the faculty in the Department of Psychology at UK in 1988 and is now a Full Professor. Dr. Golding is an active researcher investigating legal decision making and various aspects of memory. Dr. Golding’s research has led to numerous publications in scientific journals and books. Besides his research, Dr. Golding has been very involved in all aspects of undergraduate education. This includes teaching almost 20 different classes of various sizes (10 to 500 students), supervising undergraduate research, publishing articles about teaching, and serving on various undergraduate education committees. Dr. Golding is a Chellgren Center on Undergraduate Education Endowed Fellow, and has been awarded various teaching awards. These awards include the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Teaching Award, the College of Arts & Sciences Teaching Award, College of Arts & Sciences Large Class Teaching Award, two UK Chancellor’s (now Provost) Teaching Awards, and the Carnegie Foundation’s 2011 Kentucky Professor of the Year.

Dr. Anne Lippert

Dr. Anne Lippert

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Memphis, Institute for Intelligent Systems

Anne Lippert attended University of Chicago as an undergraduate and went on to earn masters degrees from the University of Michigan (mathematics) and the University of Chicago (computational neuroscience). She ultimately ended up focusing on quantitative applications in psychology and obtained her PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of New Mexico (2014). From there Dr. Lippert's completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Kentucky where she worked with Dr. Jonathan Golding and Dr. Justin Wedeking to study aspects of forensic and political psychology. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow for the Institute of Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis. There she studies the application of artificial intelligence to promote learning. In particular, she is the project manager for the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy AutoTutor Project, which is currently developing the beta version of an intelligent tutoring system designed to assist struggling adult readers improve literacy. Dr. Lippert has taught a wide range of classes from calculus to neuroscience to methods in psychology, and as a post-doc, she enjoys helping psychology majors consider various career paths.