Pursuing a Path to a Psychology-Related Career

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A Path to a Psychology Career

How can you turn your dream for a career involving Psychology into reality. We feel that, given today’s changing world, those with an interest in Psychology need to understand the various career options that are available.

To begin, keep in mind that today’s career options for Psychology-related careers is very different and much improved from the past. For example, when I (Jonathan) was an undergraduate Psychology major (40 years ago!) career possibilities were limited. I can remember being told that my Pychology degree meant choosing between going to graduate school with the goal of becoming a professor or having a low-paying job. In fact, my parents kept elling me that this low-paying job would be  driving a cab. Since this wasn't really a choice, I went to graduate school. Things worked out for me and I did become a college professor,. Still, the key point is that years ago there simply were not that many options for Psychology majors. Luckily, today, there are many career opportunities. These career possibilities are also for students who graduate with all levels of degrees.

With the above in mind, it is important for you to start thinking about the future. One way to start thinking about career options is to check out the website my partner and I have developed: scoutiescareersinpsychology.org

Keep in mind that you don’t have to know exactly what career you want to pursue right off the bat. In fact, for some of you it may be best to just start thinking about what interests you. For example, you might like to do therapy. Did you know that there are various career paths that would allow you to practice therapy (e.g., Marriage & Family Therapist, Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, etc.)? 

Read our other Tips & Advice post, and be prepared to move forward with your Psychology-related career!

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