From Psychology Degree to a Law Degree

Psychology Degree --> Law Degree

Many people view psychology and law as two very separate areas of study. However, they are both interested in human behavior. While Psychology seeks to understand and explain human behavior, law seeks to regulate human behavior. What this can mean for you is that if you are interested in humna behavior and you are a Psychology major, you might consider a career in law. One person who did this is Craig Michael, B.A. in Psychology and JD, who decided to put his psychology degree to work in the legal field.

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Craig is an attorney in Cincinnati, specializing in worker's compensation cases. As an undergraduate, Michael was interested in human behavior, but he had another interest- the law. The latter was developed when he was child growing up on a rural Ohio farm. Craig was drawn to the legal profession where he watched big city lawyers on televisions or in the movies battle out exciting cases in the courtroom. He decided that the ideal way to combine his interest in human behavior and the law was by becoming an attorney. So armed with a psychology degree, Michael pursued additional training as a lawyer, earning a JD from the University of Toledo College of Law.Craig feels that it is best to work in the legal field as an intern first to get some experience and see what the reality of the law is all about.

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