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psychiatrist talking to an elderly woman Can I use my Psychology degree to become a Psychiatrist?

You can definitely use your Psychology degree to become a Psychiatrist. This is because a Psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD) that treats individuals with mental health problems, and as a Psychology major you are free to pursue an MD. Keep in mind, however, that getting accepting to medical school is very difficult and will require extremely high grades and high scores on the medical school admissions terst (MCAT). Also, medical schools will require that you take certain science courses as an undergraduate (e.g., Biology and Chemistry).

As a Psychiatrist, you will treat mental health problems in a variety of ways. These include testing, therapy, medications, and medical techniques such as electroconvulsive therapy. What is critical in this regard is that in almost all states only a Psychiatrist (by virtue of being an MD) and not a Psychologist, can prescribe and administer drugs and use certain medical techniques. Check out this website about Psychiatry.

The career path for a Psychiatrist includes 4 years of medical school--you pay full tuition. Then you must complete a 4-year residency in Psychiatry after medical school. After completion of these steps, you can gain employment in ahospital, university medical center, or be in private practice.

Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the yearly average income for a Psychiatrist at $195,000.

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