Education Careers-Education Specialist (EdS) in School Psychology

boy and girl high school students studyingA Psychology degree can lead to an Education Specialist (EdS) degree in School Psychology

With a Psychology degree you may decide to become a School Psychologist with an Education Specialist (EdS) degree. As an EdS in School Psychology you will work with children and the schooling process. You will likely work in one or more schools, with a good amount of your time devoted to the assessment of children for learning disabilities, as well as developing behavioral intervention plans with teachers and parents. 

When you pursue an EdS degree in School Psychology, it is best to go to a school that is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to be assured that the program is recognized by a governing body as providing the highest level of advanced training. Completing an EdS program involves two years of coursework and a one-year internship (half of which must be in a school setting). If you go for an EdS degree, you should check to see if the school you would like to attend offers any financial assistance (e.g., tuition waiver).

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Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median income for School Psychologists at $75,000, but does not specify if this is for an EdS or PhD.

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