3 Skills Sets To Help Your Job Appeal

In an world becoming increasingly dependent upon data and technology, employers are constantly seeking workers with related skills. skills. So how can you start becoming more marketable by picking up some of these skills? Here are 3 areas whose importance is likely to hold steady in coming years.


statistics help psych majors with jobs Statistics is highly useful, especially if you plan to go work in a field dealing with human behavior, because it offers a method to test hypotheses and describe data using science.  Without the ability to apply more advanced statistical techniques, many job seekers lack the tools to conduct innovative and relevant research.  Some skills you can pick up that are likely to increase your demand according to the Association for Psychological Science are

Advanced coursework in experimental design
Structural equation modeling
Multilevel modeling
Item response theory


Big Data Analysis

big data psychology careers Upon entering the digital age, big data is all the rage and has applicability to nearly all sectors of the job market. Psychology and big data go well together since a large fraction of big data is collected to predict and understand human behavior by collecting data on social media use, shopping habits, blog posts, browsing history, etc. If you want to get involved in the big data craze, here are some good bets for skills that will make you marketable, according to datanami.com.

Machine learning
Database management skills
Ability to use statistical tools like R, SAS, Matlab, SPSS, or Stata

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization for psychology majors Psychology enthusiasts may show a keen ability for SEO. This is because at the heart of SEO is the ability to interpret the psycho-graphic profile (from keywords) of site visitors that reveals their needs, problems, and reasons for visiting a site. In other words, the essence of successful SEO is not keyword stuffing, but rather a careful understanding of human psychology. According to indeed.com,the amount of job postings for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists has quadrupled over the last five years. With this type of growth, skills concerning SEO will be in demand in the future. Some of the most useful knowledge you can have for the field of SEO according to SEO expert Rand Fishkin

Knowledge of how the internet works
Solid knowledge of html and css
Programming ability (javascript, php)