Volunteering Can Help Your Career Goals

volunteering career psychologyWe are struck by how many of the most successful people I know in Psychology have done volunteer (community service) work. This volunteering is quite varied and includes disaster relief, working in a church daycare center, helping on a cancer ward, being a server in a soup kitchen, tutoring, working at a rape crisis center, being involved in a political campaign, etc. Keep in mind that it’s great if you can volunteer with some organization that is related to your ultimate career goal, but any kind of volunteering has its benefits. Some benefits of volunteering include: (a) volunteer work stands out in your resume; (b) when you volunteer, you are doing work that benefits the community and will make you feel good; (c) volunteering shows that you have good time-management skills; (d) often, volunteering shows that you can be part of a team, (e) when you volunteer you are almost certain to build networks among the people you meet, and (f) volunteering offers you the opportunity to explore career options.