Elder Care and Research--Master's Degree in Psychology

elderly woman looking at a rabbit in a cage Can I use my Psychology degree to pursue a Master's degree involving a career in Elder Care and Research?

You can definitely go from your Psychology degree to a Master's Degree. Since you are interested in working with elders, your Master's degree might be in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. The former is ideal for those with an interest in psychopathological populations and who want to do therapy. For those who want a career in Counseling Psychology, the focus of your training will be on vocational and career processes, human diversity, and professional training--you can still do therapy. Having a Master's Degree can lead to a job in various locations--at a school, at a private clinic, with a non-profit organization, or in government. 

If you want to conduct research with elders, you can also earn a Master's degree (e.g., in Developmental Psychology or Gerontology) and then move forward to earn a PhD degree in Developmental Psychology or Gerontology. If you career plans include working in a university setting, you will need to earn a PhD. Remember that if earn a Master's degree iyou will be in a better position for certain types of careers that involve children (e.g., Senior Center Director).

To earn a Master's Degree will typically require 2 years of graduate school; you will typically pay tuition, and not receive a stipend as a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant. It is always important to remember that a Master's degree tends to offer greater job opportunities and greater salary than a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, a Master's degree can lead to being licensed to do certain tasks (e.g., testing, therapy) in your degree is in Clinical or Counseling Psychology or as a Master of Social Work. Click here to read more about what a Master's degree in psychology offers.

Salary Information

With a Master's degree you will earn less than the amounts listed below for a PhD:apa.org lists the median yearly income for a PhD in Clinical Psychology at $80,000.

apa.org lists the median yearly income for a PhD in Counseling Psychology at $85,000.

zipcruiter.com lists the average yearly income for a PhD in Developmental Psychology at $71,000.

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