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heads of one girl and one boy smiling at camera Using your Psychology degree to become a Psychiatrist?

One path you can take with your Psychology degree is to become a Medical Doctor, a person who is a qualified practitioner of medicine. More than that, you might decide to become a certain type of Medical Doctor--a Psychiatrist. A Psychiatrist treats people with mental health problems, and (as a Medical Doctor) they can treat these problems with drugs and other medical techniques.

To become a Psychiatrist you need to go to medical school. It usually takes 4 years to graduate (2 years classroom training in medicine and 2 years clinical training). The tuition for this degree tuition is paid by you, very rarely is therefinancial support for medical school. After you graduate from graduate from medical school, you must obtain licensure from a state Board of Medicine to practice as a Medical Doctor. Also after graduating you will decide to specialize in Psychiatry and then ccomplete a 3-7 year residency program before their training is finished.

You can read more about becoming a psychiatrist here.

Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the yearly average income for a Psychiatrist at $195,000.

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