Working with Children Careers--Master's Degree

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What are my career options with a Master's Degree in Psychology as far as working with children?

Psychologists with a Master's degree generally work in one of three areas:

Clinical- best suited for those with an interest in psychopathological populations and behavioral health--typically involves doing therapy

Counseling- best for those interested in vocational and career processes, human diversity, and professional training

Educational (School)- provide counseling services to students,including those with a learning disability or those with behavioral or social problems

Experimental--research the human growth and development process

Once you have your Master's Degree you might find a job in a school, at a private clinic, with a non-profit organization, or with the state or local government. You might even decide to go into private practice.

It usually requires 2 years of graduate school to complete a master's thesis (research project) and typically you must pay tuition. A Master's degree tends to offer greater job opportunities and greater salary than a Bachelor’s degree, and also allows you to be licensed by a state to do certain activities (e.g., testing, therapy).

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