Working with Animals Careers--Veterinarian (DVM)

two veterinarians with a dog

What is a Veteranarian?

A career you can consider with a Psychology degree is that of a Veteranarian. You probably know that veteranarians attend to the health of animals. Like a doctor with humans, vets diagnose, treat and work to prevent disease and injury in animals. It is typical for a vet to specialize on a specific type of animal (e.g., small animals or horses). In addition, a vet may specialize in surgery or dentistry.

To become a vet is similar to becoming any type of medical doctor. You must have an undergraduate degree and take certain courses (e.g., Chemistry, Biology). Then you must attend a veterinary medical school (4 years). Keep in mind that like medical school, getting accepted to a vet medical school is very difficulty (think high grades!), partly because there are a relatively small number of vet schools in the US. Also, like most typical medical schools you pay a pretty high tuition amount to go to vet school. Finally, after your time in vet school you will complete a residency and/or gain additional training in a specialty. You can read more about becoming a DVM here.

Salary Information lists the average yearly income for a Veterinaraian at $108,000.

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