Working with Animals Careers--Research Laboratory Assistant

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A Psychology degree can lead to a career as an Animal Research Lab Assistant

With your Psychology degree you can get a job as a research laboratory assistant. These research lab assistants work in animal research hospitals or research universities. Animals under their care are not typically pets (though they can be), but are animals studied to understand (through psychology research) and develop treatments for disease or other phenomena.

As a research lab assistant you will be required to deal with daily tasks such as receiving new animals, feeding animals, cleaning living areas, and monitoring the general well-being of the lab animals. As you can imagine, you really need to like animlas to take one of these positions. In addition, you will work under the supervision of one or more research scientists (often a psychology researcher) who typically have a PhD or MD, depending on whether you are located at a university or medical center.

Salary Information lists the average yearly income for an Animal Research Lab Tech (Assistant) at $35,000.

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