Working with Animals Careers that Require a Master's Degree in Psychology

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Can a Psychology degree lead to a Master's degree Working with Animals?

Psychologists with a Master's degree that work with animals are typically referred to as Comparative Psychologists and they will earn their Master's degree in Experimental Psychology. Their main interests are in studying the behavior and thinking of animals in comparison with humans. Those who want to work with animals often take additional coursework in Biology. 

It usually requires 2 years of graduate school to complete a Master's thesis (research project) and typically you must pay tuition. A Master's degree tends to offer greater job opportunities and greater salary than a Bachelor’s degree. If you decide to get an advanced degree to work with animals, you should check out important information about getting certified by the Animal Behavior Society. This certification is important because it is the way you demonstrate that you meet the minimum standards of education, experience and ethics required to work with animals.

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Salary Information

The average yearly income for a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology will typically be lower than the listing for the median (middle) yearly income for a PhD in Experimental Psychology (all fields: higher ed, industry, research applied fields) of $92,000.

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