Sports Psychology Careers that Require a Doctoral Degree in Psychology

woman sliding home into catcher in softball game and knocking ball free Career possibilities with a PhD Degree in Sports Psychology after initially receiving a Psychology degree

With your Psychology degree you can move forward to earn a PhD degree in Sports Psychology. Why Sports Psychology? It is a relatively new area of Psychology that has been around for about 30 years, and the field of Sports Psychology is rapidly expanding. The fiield of Sports Psychology focuses on how psychologiy impacts athletic (and other types of) performance and well being. In this way, Sports Psychology studies the how physical and mental health work together. You should be aware that Sports Psychology use basic principles to improve performance and applies these in business and with individuals who must deal with challenges in their lives.

Before earning a PhD, you must first earn a Master's degree, either from another school or the same school. Students often take classes in kinesiology, physiology, sports medicine, business and marketing. A PhD program usually requires 4-6 years of graduate school to complete a dissertation (research project). At many schools you do NOT pay tuition and receive a stipend, a form of salary for serving as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA). Keep in mind that when you finish your PhD in Sports Psychology you will not be eligible to be licensed as a practicing Clinical or Counseling Psychologist. With your PhD you could find a job consulting with athletes at a college or university. In addition, you might work for the military, helping to keep troops mentally fit for battle. Finally, you might decie to go into private practice working with individuals at all age ranges and skills levels (even Olympic athletes).

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Salary Information estimates that the average yearly income of a PhD in Sports Psychology at $70,000.

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