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Public Health Careers--Environmental Health

woman environmental health worker in lab coat kneeling and checking chemicals in large containers

What are my career options in Environmental Health with a Psychology degree?

You can use your Psychology degree to pursue a career in Environmental Health. This career will allow you to study the human health impacts of physical, biological, and chemical agents in the community and workplace; environmental risks and the means of their control. Specific areas of interest include disease prevention, occupational hazards, and air quality.

Graduate degrees in Envioronmental Health include a Master's of Public Health (MPH) and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). Master's programs in  usually require 2 years of graduate school to complete your thesis (research project). Typically you must pay tuition. PhD training places greater emphasis on creating new knowledge, with PhD recipients pursuing research and/or teaching as their career goal. PhD training places greater emphasis on the application of science to public health leadership, practice, and program development. Such programs usually require 4-6 total years to complete your dissertation, keeping in mind hat you are required to complete a Master's degree at the same school or a different school pror to acceptance in a PhD program. Whether you will receive any financial support will depend on the school you hope to attend--check with them before applying.

Here is a site for specific job opportunities with a Master's Degree in Public Health.

Salary Information

glassdoor.com lists the average yearly income for an Environmental Health worker at $66,000.

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