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Now this is an interesting career direction. You can use your Psychology degree, combine it with interests you have in economics and neuroscience and you can move forward to study Neuroeconomics. This field is the interdisciplinary study of economic decision making (i.e., interplay between economic behavior and the brain), as well as the ability to follow a course of action. 

To become a Neuroeconimist you will have to earn a PhD, but the question is in which of the three disciplines (area of study) noted aove. It is probably the case that you can be in any of the areas and then focus your study once you are in graduate school. Keep in mind that you must have a Masters’ before earning a PhD., either from another school or the same school. In addition, it usually requires 4-6 years of graduate school for an individual to complete his or her dissertation (research project). Finally, it is the case that at many PhD schools you do NOT pay tuition, and you receive a stipend--salary for serving as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA). Upon earning your PhD, you will have job opportunities at colleges and universitities, "think tanks", government, and working for a company or corporation. 

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Salary Information listed the yearly average wages of a Neuroeconomist at $74,000.

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