Neuroscience Careers--Pharmaceutical Sales

drug packages in a pile Considering a career in Phamaceutical Sales with a Psychology degree

A student with a Psychology degree can move toward a career in Pharmaceutical Sales, especially if they have interests in physiological/neuroscience issues. Remember that a Pharmaceutical Sales rep provides doctors with information about drugs needed to care for their patients. As you can imagine, it is important that these reps understand pharmacology (the effect of drugs on the body), including the nervous system. Because of this, it is probably best that you have taken some Chemistry and/or Biology courses to better understand specific issues related to the use of drugs. Also, if you take a job in Pharmaceutical sales, be aware that you really need to work well with others, because a great deal of your time will be interacting with others, especially doctors.

Salary Information listed the yearly average wages of a Pharmaceutical Representative at $98,000.

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