Military Careers

4 women military pilots walking away from jet
If you are interested in a career in the US military, having a college degree (even an undergraduate degree) is really going to help you out. This is because an officer in the US military must have a Bachelor’s degree. Thus, once you graduate you can enter the military as a commissioned officer. If you are thinking about the military, you should check out this website that compares military pay and benefits to civilian jobs. lists the average yearly income for someone newly enlisted in the military at $20,400. lists the average yearly income for a new military officer at $3,500.

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Which Branch is Right for you?

As for what branch of the military you might choose, there are many websites that give you information about the various service branches:

Military Careers that Require a Graduate Degree in Psychology

With regard to graduate training, you can decide to serve as a Military Psychologist after earning a Masters or Doctoral degree. A Military Psychologist focuses on military personnel and their families. Thus, a Military Psychologist might give psychological evaluations, treat mental and emotional disorders, and provide therapy. These services are provided in various locations, including the US, bases overseas, and aboard US Navy ships. View the different positions below or click here to see them on one page.