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child looking at camera in classroom while other students work at desks From Psychology degree to Master's degree in School Counseling

Another Master's degree you can earn with a Psychology degree is in School Counseling. A school counselor impacts school children in various ways and can help with academic, career and personal issues. In addition, school counselors work with parents, and teachers to facilitate a child's performance. They can help with communicating with school administrators as well as offer helpful resources. It is important to note that school counselors work with all children, not just those who are having difficulty in some aspect of their life. 

To earn a Master's degree to be a School Counselor, you need to go to graduate school in a School Counselor or Counseling (Psychology or Education) program. It will typically take 2 years to earn a Master's degree. In most Master's degree programs you will pay full tuition and not receive a stipend (salary) to be a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant. However, sometimes financial support is available--check with schools you are interested in. Keep in mind that once you receive your Master's degree the state you work in may have additional reqirements (e.g., certification).

In the end, your Master's degree should offer you greater job opportunities and greater salary than a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, you can always decide to use your Master's degree as a springboard to a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) . 

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Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median income for school counselors at $53,660.

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