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arm and hand of genetic counselor holding strand of DNA Moving from a Psychology degree to a career as a Genetic Counselor

You can move from your Psychology degree to a career as a Genetic counselor. This may be a career that you have heard little about, but it is fascinating career choice. Also, it may be really appealing to someone who is interersted in physiology. A Genetic Counselor assesses the risk (at the individual or family level) for genetic disorders and birth defects. In addition a genetics counselor can offer information and support to those concerned with the risk of inherited conditions.

If you are thinking about becoming a Genetic Counselor, keep in mind that there are certain undergraduate experiences you should seek out. These include getting lab experience, seeking out an internship which involves working with others, and volunteering or interning in a medical or healthcare field. Also, in addition to your Psychology courses your application will be much stronger with courses in Biology, Genetics, and Biochemistry. As for earning your Master's degree, it will likely take you 2 years. You will probably have to pay tuition and there will only be limited opportunities for financial support (e.g., working as a Research Assistant). In addition, be awarte that once you earn a Master's in Genetic Counseling, you will need to be certified. This certification iis offered by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) through an annual examination. 

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Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median yearly salary for a genetics counselor at $72,090.

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