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male psychiatrist sitting in chair and talking to man who appears upset Can a Psychology degree lead to a career as a Psychiatrist?

Your Psychology degreecan definitely lead to a career as a Psychiatrist. Remember, although many people think otherwise, Psycjologist is the same as a Psychiatrist. Although both treat individuals with mental health problems, it is important to remember that only a Psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor (MD). Therefore, in almost all cases only a Psychiatrist can treat problems with drugs and other medical techniques. 

The road to becoming a Psychiatrist starts with medical school. The time it will take you to finish your medical degree is 4 years to graduate (2 years classroom training in medicine and 2 years clinical training). Keep in mind that you will almost surely be paying for all of your medical school tuition. Upon finishing medical school, you must obtain licensure from a state Board of Medicine to practice as a Medical Doctor. With your medical degree, you will specialize in Psychiatry as part of a 3-7 year residency program before your training is finished. You can read more about becoming a psychiatrist here. 

Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the yearly average income for a Psychiatrist at $195,000.

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