Medical Careers--Mental Health Technician

female mental health technician whelping client with paperwork A Psychology degree can lead to a career as a Mental Health Technician

Your Psychology degree can be used to become a Mental Health Technician. This career involves working with other mental health professionals (e.g., Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors) to treat patients with mental/behavioral problems (e.g., substance abuse), typically in a hospital, shelter or mental health facility) More specifically, a Mental Health Technician will offer care to those with a mental illness or a developmental disability, and help them with everyday living. In addition psychiatric technicians assist with treatment plans--both developing and implementing these plans--and with record keeping (e.g., documenting when medication was given).

Salary Information

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Mental Health (Psychiatric) echnicians and aides have a median salary of $29,500 per year.

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