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psychology majors can get jobs as medical scribes

A path to being a Medical Scribe involves having a Psychology degree

You can pursue a career as a Medical Scribe with your Psychology degree. You may not have heard of this career, but there has been a real uptic in Medical Scribe jobs--click this link to read about this. A Medical Scribe (transcriptionist) is a relatively new career option, but it revolves around the fact that a large amount of documentation and clerical work required in all areas of medicine. Medical Scribes help relieve Medical Doctors of the bulk of this work, and allow physicians to spend more time on actual patient care. Thus, a Medical Scribe enters data in a patient's electronic health record. You get to work closely with physicians and of course gain a lot of exposure in a medical context. If you enjoy being around medical doctors and patients, this is a great job opportunity for you.

Salary Information reports that Medical Scribes have a median income of $35,000 per year.

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