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Medical Careers

There are many careers for psychology majors in medicine

If you are interested in medicine and have a psychology degree, you are in luck. There are a variety of career opportunities available to you, whether you decide to pursue an advanced degree, or obtain a job requiring an undergraduate degree. Indeed, the fields of psychology and medicine are becoming more intertwined and the medical field is even starting to require knowledge of psychology for many jobs. Check out our related posts on psychologytoday (jobs at the undergraduate degree level and jobs at the graduate degree level) to learn more about the merging of medicine and psychology and the resulting boom of jobs available for those with psychology degrees.
Although there are a number of opportunities in medical/healthcare careers, it is important to keep in mind that careers that require a professional degree (e.g., medical doctor) are highly competitive with regard to getting accepted to professional school. Even professional schools that use to be viewed as "easier" to be admitted are harder than ever to get into. These include schools to be a Physician Assistant or a Nurse. In addition, professional schools will require you to have taken a certain subset of science courses to even apply. For example, most medical schools require you have taken a year of Biology and Physics, and two years of Chemistry (through Organic Chemistry). These courses are not for everyone, so be clear about your career goals in medicine before moving forward in this direction.

Click here to view all medical/healthcare careers or browse through them individually below. Click here or here to see more comprehensive list of jobs in the medical/healthcare arena.


Medical Careers that Require a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Undergraduate level careers include jobs in many areas such as neuroscience and mental health, and environments such as business, the government and hospitals. Click here to view all medical/healthcare careers at the bachelors level or browse through them individually below.

Medical Careers that Require a Professional Degree

Many jobs that require advanced degrees are professional occupations(e.g. doctors, nurses, and dentists). If you are more interested in research centered positions, you may consider earning a PhD in psychology or a related field. Click here to view all medical/healthcare careers at the graduate level or browse through them individually below.


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