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mediator at front of table helping two sides of people around table Becoming an Arbitrator/Mediator with a Psychology degree

An interesting career direction you can take with your Psychology degree is to become an Arbitrator/Mediator. To begin, an AribratorMediator works with different sides to settle disputes outside of the courtroom. To be clear, an Arbitrator/Mediator does not represent either of the sides in a dispute, and the decision that is reached does not require a judge. They review evidence, hold hearings to facilitate communication between the two sides, and ultimately render decisions. These hearings are like a court trial, but they are private and less formal. Many Arbitrators/Mediators work for state or local governments or in the legal services industry. 

To become an Arbotrator/Mediator, you will typically need to earn a certificate in arbitration/mediation. 

Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  lists the average yearly income for an Arbitrator/Mediator at $61,000.

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