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Can I use my Psychology degree to be a Probation Officer?

Another career option in law enforcement with a Psychology degree is that of a Probation officers (sometimes called Correctional Treatment Specialists). These individuals are government employees. They work with and monitor offenders who have been released from prison on probation or originally sentenced to probation to prevent them from committing new crimes. As part of their monitoring, Probation Officers are helping individuals succeed in the community. Thus a Probation Officer works with offenders to coordinate rehabilitation services, and to arrange job training. Sometimes probation officers are asked to write reports on offenders and make recommendations for sentencing. It is typically the case that Probation Officers work with nonviolent or first-time offenders, and thus are  they are seldom armed. 

Having your Psychology degree will serve to get you a job as a Probation Officer. If you would like to advance in this field you will have to earn an advanced degree.

Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median salary for a probation officer at $51,000.

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