Law Enforcement Careers

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With regard to being a Law Enforcement officer, there are several points to note. First, most major police agencies require some undergraduate hours and a Bachelor's degree may be preferred. Second, a BA/BS is generally required for federal special agent positions, and citizenship and age restrictions often apply. This includes the FBI, US Postal Inspection Service, US Marshal, and CIA. Scroll through the career options available at each education level or click here to view them all.


Law Enforcement Careers that Require a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

There are a number of career options in law enforcement with a BA/BS in Psychology such as Corrections Officers, Probation Officers, and Police Officers. Scroll through the career options available at this level or click here to view them on a single page.

Criminal Profiling

Within the FBI is the Behavioral Science Unit. This unit is responsible for profiling suspects based upon their behavioral qualities and patterns and for analyzing the behavior of criminals and terrorists to determine what motivates individuals to commit crimes. However, these profilers typically have advanced degrees (Masters or PhD) in Psychology. Profiler positions are also typically found state-level law enforcement agencies. Here is a link to a FBI Careers with a psychology major.  If you are interested in becoming a profiler, see this site for more information. You may also want to check out our mental health careers page.

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