Human Factors & Engineering Psychology Careers that Require a Master's Degree in Psychology

researcher working on a large machine How can my Psychology degree lead to a career in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology with a Master's degree?

Once you earn you degree in Psychology, you can move forward toward a Master's degree in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology. A Master's degree tends to offer greater job opportunities and greater salary than a Bachelor’s degree. Jobs in this career category jobs are located in the government (think the military, NASA and U.S. Department of Transportation), as well as with private companies and corporations. You may find a job working on the design, improvement, and implementation of navigation systems, mobile phones, medical equipment, motor vehicles, and military technology. As you can imagine, ll of these possibilities are exciting and on the cutting edge of technology.

It usually requires 2 years of graduate school to complete a Master's thesis (research project). Typically, when yu attend graduate school to earn a Master's degree you must pay tuition. and there is usually no stipend (salary) to serve as a Research or Teaching Assistant. However, you never know what financial support is available so always check with the schools you plan on applying to. A specialization in human factors trains students to apply basic research skills in the cognitive sciences to "real-world" problems. Students in an MA program can often elect to focus on either professional training or preparation for a doctoral program. Both tracks stress the analytic and empirical methodologies that are used in all phases of interactive systems design (where this is broadly defined to include any human-machine system). The power and interpretation of these techniques reside in their relationship to cognitive theory. The professional training track emphasizes coursework and practical experience; the doctoral preparation track typically involves students in research projects.

Here is a comprehensive list of graduate programs in Human Factors from the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society website.

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