Higher Education Careers with a PhD in Psychology--Research Only

researchers in white coats looking at lab speciminsA career in Higher Education as only a Researcher with a Doctoral degree in Psychology

You've earned your Psychology degree, gone to graduate school and received your Doctorate, and now you want a job in Higher Education. Is this possible? The answer is a definite "Yes". You will need to apply for jobs at a college/university where research is conducted. If you secure a faculty position you will likely in a department on the Main Campus or possibly on another campus, such as a Medical Center. Often, faculty members who are only researchers have positions based on what is called "soft money" which means you must apply for and receive grant money awarded from the federal government or a private foundation. Applying for grants can be very time consuming and lead to a lot of pressure, but higher education institutions are unlikely to pay you a regular salary if you are not engaged in teaching. Keep in mind that faculty who conduct research do so in various areas of Psychology. For a full listing of all areas go to the following American Psychological Association Site:


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