Higher Education Careers

very large college lecture classroom filled with studentsIf you want a career in higher education, you will likely need a Ph.D. in Psychology. If you have a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) you can be hired at a university that offers this degree. It is possible to have a Masters degree and teach at a college/university. You might be able to secure a full-time position with a Masters degree. However, it may be the case that you can only teach courses as a part-time faculty member. Scroll through the options below to read about degree and career types available in higher education or view them on one page.  

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Degrees for Careers in Higher Education

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Types of Higher Education Careers

With a PhD, you can get a job in higher education as a Teacher only, Researcher only, or a combined Teacher/Researcher. Scroll through each of these job types below or click here to view them all. Keep in mind that faculty who conduct research do so in various areas of Psychology. For a full listing of all areas click on this link to learn more about the American Psychological Association Divisions.