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Careers with Non-Profit Organizations after earning a Psychology degree

One career path you can take with a Psychology degree is to work for a non-profit organization. These are organizations that use surplus revenue to further its mission rather than giving this surplus back to shareholders (i.e., a corporation). Non-profits include charities (United Way, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy Doctors Without Borders, Charity Water, etc.), foundations (e.g., the Red Cross, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Ford Foundation), museums and other philanthropic organizations (e.g., the Rotary Club). Working for a non-profit can give you excellent training with things like fundraising, event planning, and program coordination.

Working at a non-profit organization can involve many different activities. For example, you might might organize events in the community, or recruit volunteers, In addition, you might be involved in fundraising which might include helping to write grants to foundations and the government to make sure the non-profit organization achieves its annual financial goals.

Salary Information lists the average yearly income for an entry level Non-Profit Organization worker at $54,000.

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