Education Careers--Doctorate in Educational Psychology (PhD)

stacks and stacks of book in the libraryCan I pursue a PhD in Education with my Psychology degree?

You might decide to use your Psychology degree to move forward into graduate school. One path you can take is to earn a PhD in Education. As with all PhD degrees, this is a research degree, so be prepared to conduct research about education issues (e.g., learning, motivation, technology in the classroom,etc.). Typically, a student earning an Education PhD will focus their research toward a subarea like special education, teacher development, or literacy and reading. Ultimately you can use your PhD degree to obtain a job in higher education, consulting, administration at the K-12 level, and policy making. Remember, a PhD offers greater job opportunities and greater salary than a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

As a PhD degree program, you need to understand that it will require a Master's degree from another school or as part of the PhD program, and that the total time to complete your PhD will be 4 to 6 years. At many schools you do NOT pay tuition. In addition, at many schools you receive a stipend, a form of salary for serving as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA). You will need to check with schools you are applying to in order to see what support you will receive

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