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Education Careers--Doctorate in Education (EdD)

Male Professor with EdD degree standing in the hallway With a Psychology degree, what education career options are there with an Doctoral Degree in Education (EdD)?

You may decide to use your Psychology degree to pursue a more hands-on leadership role, especially in education, This could lead to graduate school to earn a Doctorate in Education (EdD). This degree is practically oriented toward candidates pursuing leadership roles in education, government agencies, and nonprofits. That is, those with an EdD  are responsible for the application of education research in the classroom and workplace. Those with an Ed.D. serve as principals in schools, administrative positions at colleges and universities, and as managers with companies and organizations. Like most dotoral degree, earning an EdD will probably take 5 years, with the focus of your curriculum primarily on classroom issue. You will need to check if a school you want to attend offers a tuition waiver and/or a stipend to serve as a Research or Teaching Assistant. 

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