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two women working at computer at a business A Psychology degree can lead to a job in Human Resource Management

A Psychology-related career in the Business wotld is that of Human Resource (HR) Management. The goal of HR is to make sure that a business or organization achieves success through people. Thus, those in HR are primarily concerned with overseeing and organizing people within a company or other type of organization. Those in HR work to efficiently coordinate how these the people in a business or organization functions. They are in charge of the hiring of workers for a company--they are involved in recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers. In addition, those in HR may be responsible for issues related to employee relations (including when policies are broken, such as harassment or discrimination casess), payroll and benefits, and job-related training. Finally, HR may be involved with organizational change and industrial relations--balancing how an organization operates with requirements arising from collective bargaining and from governmental laws.

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Salary Information

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median yearly income for a Human Resource Manager worker at $110,000.

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