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Using your Psychology degree for a career in Advertising/Marketing/Promotions

You can use your Psychology degree to begin a career in the fields of Advertising, Marketing or Promotions. These fields develop strategies to generate interest in a product (i.e., attract new customers). That is, they work to influence the buying behavior of individuals by presenting a persuasive message about a product or service.

You would work as part of a team to plan advertising and promotional campaigns using a variety of media outlets (e.g., tv, radio, billboards, internet). This job may also include initiating and analyzing market research that tries to understand the consumer behavior for a product/service or the characteristics of consumers that buy a product/service (e.g., demographics). By knowing this information, advertisers learn what factors influence consumer behavior. The product may be retail (e.g., clothing, cars, or food). In the case of public relations, however, the "product" would be a company or person, and the goal is to develop and present a favorable public image for that company/person. You should note that Advertising may be a great career option for you if you like to be creative or design things. Please be aware that Advertising involves a lot of people behind the scenes such as account executives (the link between the ad agency and a client), media coordinators, researchers and others.

Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median yearly income for an Advertising Sales Manager at $50,000.

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